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avec Alexane

Bonjour, je m'appelle Alexane.


I am a native french speaker currently living in Bali (Indonesia).

I am a curious and open minded person.


I am is passionated about art, culture, photography, food, travel, TV show, reading, environment, personal development ...

Thanks to my own learning experiences and my over 2 years as an online tutor I truly believe that in order to learn a language you have to speak it.


I am an advocate of conversational and experiential learning.

I am specialised in Conversational French, Business French and Travel French

Why studying French with me?⁣

➤ I know from my own experience than the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in the culture and to speak as mush as possible (even thought at the beginning it is scary and you don’t know a lot of words). ⁣


It is how I learned English, Spanish and how I am learning Bahasa Indonesia.⁣ ⁣


➤ I struggled learning English, so I develop techniques to make it fun and effectif. So it is how I build my French classes. ⁣


➤ I see my classes as a safe space to make mistakes, improve and learn at your our own pace. ⁣ 

About my classes : 

➤ I provide 30 minutes or 1 hour classe.


➤ I can provide french tutoring for : A2 to C2. As well as Travel, Business and Customised classes.


➤ My classes will help you to improve : your speaking, prononciation, vocabulary, writing, reading and thinking in French based on your needs and what needs to be improved. 


➤ They can be personalised upon your taste and different materials can be used : song, article, video, podcast, recipe, comics, picture… 


➤ My classes can be a friendly time to talk about your life, your work and your project but also more academic if you wish. In both case, I will provide you ressources, grammar lessons and homework upon your needs. 

© 2019 by Alexane.

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